A World of Possibilities

A World of Possibilities

New Worlds at Your Fingertips


I have this image in my head of a library I visited when I was a small child.  The building was old, massive and built of stone.  The doors were wood.  Inside the floors were marble and there was a big librarian’s highly polished desk going on forever.  Oh the mysteries!  If only I was tall enough to peek over it!

But best of all were the books.  Books everywhere, going up to the ceiling on the second floor.   You ahd to get to that second floor by means of stone staircases with elaborate floral black metal railings..  I didn’t care that I couldn’t read a word of the books on that second floor, I jsut wanted to be in their presence, as if by being there I could absorb what was inside the covers.

I finally made my way down to the childrens section to look for things I could read but I couldn’t wait to get old enough to read the “big people’s” books.

Now that I’m old enough I still love walking into the library, breathing in the scent of old books: ink and paper, wooden shelves, and whatever else it is that makes a library special.  I love knowing tere are worlds of possibilities on the shelves,  sometimes it is a search for something elusive for a novel; sometimes it’s a favourite author; and sometimes it’s something new and different.

I always make sure to have plenty of time to browse.  There is nothing worse than possibly missing something good you could have read.

What do you look for in your library experiences?  What inspires you, makes your heart happy?  For me, it’s just being around books and words.


2 thoughts on “A World of Possibilities

  1. Excellent post! I always head for the library when I’m feeling stressed and need to be in a familiar and comforting place. As soon as I step through the doors into that hushed environment, and see all the wonderful books waiting before me, I breath a sigh of relief and contentment, and drift among the shelves. You can’t beat the smell, the texture, and the weight of a good old fashioned book between your fingers. Bliss!

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