Your Personal Environment and Your Health

I got this from my daughter Merideth Rose Ashe’s site, Run, Leap, Dance, Peace.  It’s about uncluttering your life.  I think it has a lot to say that is good.  Let me know what you think.

Your Personal Environment and Your Health.


4 thoughts on “Your Personal Environment and Your Health

  1. This piece is extremely interesting and enlightening. Thank you for shedding light on an issue that no one should dismiss.
    Perhaps it is messy of me to start at the end. The last sentence paraphrases something I insist on in my self-help books: “You are the only person who knows your self.”
    As I see it, clutter is a nuisance only if it bothers you. Still, clutter and obsessive accumulation are not necessarily the same thing. If you cannot dispose of any of the objects that find their way to your environment, you do have a serious problem.
    My home is a museum of significant landmarks in my life. Souvenirs from the many places I lived in and of my travels cover the walls and are displayed on shelves and cabinets. They help me remember the old times, for each of them tells a story. When I’m gone, I guess they will be either sold or thrown away. They don’t mean anything special to my son and heir.
    That’s one part of the story. The other is that I immediately throw away things for which I find no use. My husband, on the other hand, is an accumulator. His motto is, “The time will come when we may need this or that.” “This or that” ranges from pieces of string to rusty nails to leaflets advertising products and stores. We’ve held countless domestic wars on this issue, my argument being that “when the time comes” the object in question cannot be found among the clutter and a new one is bought anyway.
    Sometimes it’s true that the outside reflects on the inside and the other way about. It’s good to stay alert.

    • Marta, I agree with you to some extent. Over-clutter is as bad as obsessive neatness. I think there’s a balance and it shifts from person to person. I’m someone who likes my house neat but it doesn’t have to be squeaky clean, whereas my mother-in-law’s place is both. My precious aunt has a terrible time tossing even one scrap of paper. She knows she’s cluttered, knows it’s a problem, but letting go of it causes her great pain. My mother grew up in the Great Depression and would use the tin foil till it fell apart. There is a fine balance.

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