When the Writing Feels Good

        Every writer has days where the writing feels good.  We sit down at our desk, flip on the computer – or open our notebook – and get “stuck in,” as my friend, Paula, says.  The words come pouring out our fingers, almost faster than we can get them written.  Thoughts, words, images crowd our brains, screaming to be written first – who cares if it is written in order?  We can come back and edit later. 

            These kinds of days are the best.  Even when the writing is messy, even when there are huge holes in the story (I make a note to fill in and move on), a good writing day means the story moves forward.  I find new and appealing things about my characters, even the bad guys.  Somehow on a day like this, a plot detail I’ve been struggling with smoothes out, the killer is caught, a new planet is explored, or there is an epic space battle. 

            It catches me, holds me hostage and won’t let me go, even when I need fresh coffee.  Somehow, the coffee goes from pot to cup, though I’m hardly aware as I’m plotting away feverishly, hardly able to wait to get my fingers back on the keyboard.  Forget the phone; everyone will have to wait, and I better not have a doctor’s appointment that day or it gets rescheduled.  Hubby  cooks and brings me a plate.  He knows the characters will not give up their hostage until they are ready.

            Finally, sometime around 4500-6000 words later, I am released, exhausted, from their clutches.  But it is only temporary, and I know it.  The book will haunt my dreams, the characters getting ready to write themselves into the story in the morning. 

            Those are the hectic, crazy writing days.  They feel great.  I have other days when the writing feels good, where I manage to get a scene just right, or even a paragraph that has caused me trouble comes together.  Finding that right word that makes an idea sparkle; writing at the beach with the wind in my hair and the sound of the ocean; sitting in the car and listening to … nothing but the breeze in the grass and the lazy mooing of the cows down below. 

            Okay, I can find lots of times when the writing feels good.  Basically, it feels good to write, even when it is messy and sloppy, or it all grinds to a halt because all the characters decide to go walk-about at the same time.  As another of my friends says, “This is the best job ever!”  I totally agree.

            When does the writing feel good for you?


7 thoughts on “When the Writing Feels Good

  1. Oh Deb, you describe the frenzy so well. I was trying to explain to a friend that some days writing is like ready the story as it pours from your fingertips and other days it’s like digging for diamonds with a teaspoon; hard and sweaty work. But it’s all good fun and yes, it’s the best job in the world. Somedays, like today, I get to do it my PJ’s 🙂

  2. When I’m not having fun, I know I’ve put aside the best part to focus on what doesn’t really matter. It’s about the voices, the story, the awesomeness that is what we do. Golden moments of being a conduit for something beyond us. LOVE it–great post 😀

    • I completely agree. I often say if we stay out of the way, our characters will show us the path, and we only have to record it. Thanks for your comments. I learn a great deal from you.

  3. LOL, Paula. Yes, I often write in my PJs. That whole blog took me fifteen minutes to read, I tweaked two words and there it went. Some days are like that.

    THEN, I go to add a scene in my current novel and I got your teaspoon. Hope I found a diamond or two in it. I managed to make three loaves of bread and a pan of Baking Powder Biscuits (not your sweet ones, more like scones) while I wrote that scene. So today has been both great and hard.

    I still love this job so much!

  4. You said it perfectly Deb, that is just the way I like to write! At the moment I am a little preoccupied with the children so I am lucky if I get 2-3 hours of uninterrupted creative time, but I think about my work constantly. I often walk to and from pre-school in a daydream, plotting and planning, itching to get it all on the computer as soon as possible… and I have been known to walk head-first into a hanging basket before now while far away in another world… ; )

    • Thanks, Catherine, for your comment. I’ve walked into posts, and off curbs while chatting with my Paper People. When I walked off the curb, someone in a car laughed at me. Oh well. The worst thing is I go into the kitchen for coffee, fill the cup and then walk back to my computer without it. So grateful to have a hubby who is willing to bring it to me, understanding he has a wife who often lives in another world.

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